SG Sunny Tonny Classic English Willow Cricket Bat

Product Specifications

  • Size: SH, Lenght: 85 cm
  • Worlds Finest and Rare Top Grade 1 English Willow
  • Around 9-11 Clear Grains
  • Custom-made to Ensure Highest Quality and Performance
  • Comes with a full Length Padded Bat Cover with Adjustable Strap


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About the Bat:

SG Sunny Tonny Classic English Willow Cricket Bat is a custom-made English willow bat to ensure the highest quality & performance. Its Comes with a full-length padded bat cover with an adjustable strap so you do not need to worry about a bat during travel. It’s very easy to carry.

This English Willow bat is made from the world’s finest & rare Top Grade English willow Because of the willow & its power this become the first choice of professional Cricket Players.

The technology used in Bat:

  • 1. Big Sweet Spot: SG English Willow Bats are produced with the maximum sized sweet spot available which is helpful in building confidence and emphasizing stroke play.2. Pen drive Handle Technology: This English Willow Bat handle has multiple pieces of imported Sarawak Cane to enhance & maximizing strength. This is required for the extra bond between handle & blade thereby maximizing durability and power transfer.

    3. Big Edge Profile: This Technology minimizes the power loss caused by off-center strikes. SG English Willow bat edges measure up to 40 mm which is best for professional cricket.

    4. Round Face Profile: The rounded face provides a refined direction of power throughout the hitting zone, but yields a slightly less imposing yet more familiar profile.

    5. Light-Weight: Some professional players demand light-weight English Willow bats. SG strives to meet its expectations.


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