SG Roar LE English Willow Cricket Bat

Product Specifications

  • Made from Grade 1st English Willow Cleft –Hand Picked Willow
  • Uniform Grains Profile (6 to 7 Straight Grains)
  • Optimum Rigid Handle (Made from Imported cane handle with special formulation cork inserts for enhanced flexibility)
  • Mid to Low Spine with superb Balance so player can perform good shots
  • Suitable for Advance Cricket Player who wants to improved the playing style with improved bat balance and pickup


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SG Roar LE English Willow Cricket Bat PRICE: RS.16390

  • This finest English willow bat is the first choice of the Indian cricketer, Rishab Pant. This bat is made from the finest grade A willow naturally dried into the air and hard-pressed to give it a perfect shape and enhance the sturdiness.This classic designed SG Roar LE bat is specially made for hitting the big shot with seamless power.

    Besides that, this SG Roar LE cricket bat has 6-7 straight grains, which further improve the bats durability and give knocking performance. This bat still comes in the traditional shape to deliver the powerful strokes and improve the performance.

    Hand Crafted Design SG Roar LE cricket bat is handcrafted and has an imported cane handle with a special cork formulation inserted into the bat. This is helpful to enhance shock absorbance and flexibility. In addition to this, the cane handle is made from Sarawak cane which is highly durable and long-lasting.

    Bigger Sweet Spot The bigger sweet spot is helpful to increase the hitting zone and hit the ball in the right direction. Thanks to this SG Roar LE cricket bat with an extended sweet spot to deliver the powerful strokes while playing. Along with a bigger sweet spot, this bat also has a traditional round cane handle for better control and perfect gripping on the bat.

    Lightweight Design This bat has only 2.9 lbs of weight which is incredibly lightweight. Due to its lightweight, it allows you to play the extended shots without feeling pressure on the wrist. Plus, it features a rounded face profile that distributes the weight equally to the sweet spot to deliver the shot with power.


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