Mongoose cricket bat HX 509

Heega ‘Mongoose cricket bat HX 509’ is a Grade 2 extremely light weight (1100 -1150 gm) Kashmir Willow cricket bat that allows you to produce 20% more power than a conventional cricket bat. It provides better control, strength and compression needed for hitting the leather ball. Heega HX 509 is designed with the help of our innovative technology that incorporates a shorter blade and longer Singapore Cane Handle with Grip to hold the bat firmly, to prevent it from slipping away while playing important shots. This bat’s short blade and long handle creates a deadly combination of power and speed. Power-sculpting has created the ultimate power zone with 20% more power, 15% more bat speed. It comes with splice-less technology and is carefully designed so that it can help players to unlock their maximum potential.


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  • This bat is perfect for tournaments and clubs.
  • Heega HX 509 is pre knocked 10,000 times and ready to use for leather balls.
  • It has thick edges of 40mm and a curved bow that will help you in hitting marvellous shots. Heega designed the curved face of the bat in order to make it easier for batsmen to hit the ball farther with less effort.
  • Heega has designed the HX 509 with a semi oval toe for better stance and hence will help prevent damage to the bat toe if you have a habit of tapping the bat constantly.
  • Heega has worked a lot on the sweet spot of this bat where you can strike the ball and send it out of the boundary for big hits.


Premium Grip

Singapore Cane Handle for maximum shock absorption.

Handle with Infused rubber sheets for enhanced flexibility.

Provides better control, strength and compression needed for aggressive hitting.


Grade 2 Kashmir Willow cricket bat

Heega ‘Mongoose cricket bat HX 509’ gives you 20% more hitting power over a conventional bat

15% more bat speed

Handcrafted with love by experienced bat makers

Deadly combination of power and speed


Pre knocked 10,000 times

Shorter blade and longer handle make its entire blade a sweet spot

Semi oval toe for better stance

Help players unlock their maximum potential

Weight 1.5 kg
Dimensions 70 × 12 × 8 cm

5, 6, Bat Length 31.25", Bat Length 32.75″, Bat Length 33.5", Bat Length 33", Bat Length 34.25", Harrow, LH, SH


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