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Additionally, packers who work in the technology industry make 7.9% more than packers in the professional Industry. A Packaging Picker plays a key role in the efficient distribution of our warehouse deliveries and arrivals. Pickers prepare multiple orders timely and resourcefully throughout the working day. Packagers are responsible for ensuring that items make it safely to their destinations. They must be able to use hand tools, adhesives, padding, and other products to protect the item. Packagers must keep a clean work area and observe all company safety standards.

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Create Spec Sheets that will lead to solutions that meet your customers’ specific needs. Specify your uss express reviews requirements and view possible workstation solution designs that will meet your specific needs.

Physical Requirements

Physically fit Warehouse Picker Packer with experience in all aspects of inventory. Pallet Jack, 6%Performed various warehouse procedures as needed and operated pallet jack. Assembly Line, 9%Rotated positions in assembly line process to assure employee understood every aspect of operation. Provided excellent customer service by completing the shipping of a/or many customer orders.

  • For one, being able to handle a fast-paced and stressful environment is a must.
  • They work in warehouses, distribution centers, and supermarkets.
  • Removecompleted or defective products or materials, placing them on moving equipment as conveyors.
  • When a worker is reviewed, there are concrete issues to discuss rather than relying solely on personnel evaluation.
  • For one, many of these machines are not equipped to notice product defects which can cause further issues down the line.

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It takes coordinated effort to locate, pack and ship items in a large facility. Job satisfaction comes from helping the company build customer loyalty through exceptional service. Another wonderful thing about picker/packer jobs is there is room to move and grow. Depending on location and level of experience this position can see a high-side pay of $14.00 per hour or $29,000 annually. This can be more if an employee moves into a managerial role for the company’s picking or packing team. The current average hourly wage for pickers and packers is $11.50. This may not seem like much compared to other blue-collar careers but one thing to consider is that this position requires no prior education.

Where do picker packers work?

Productivity rate expectations are generally lower for packers compared to other similar positions such as stowers. To join our team to ensure products are shipped quickly and safely. For additional data-backed insights around what candidates care about in job descriptions , read LinkedIn’s 7 tips for writing job posts that attract candidates. Finally goals and standards position you to be able to introduce output related incentives or promotion opportunities.

[Work Hours & Benefits] Here is where you’ll want to discuss your working hours and benefits, advising applicants of seasonal work hours and possibilities for overtime pay. You can also talk about the benefits that set your business apart, like vacation time and tuition, commuter, or childcare reimbursements. Monitors product quality frequently, reporting problems to mitigate safety issues. Successful Packers need to be physically fit, stand for an extended period, and work efficiently in a fast-paced environment. They also must be reliable and punctual with their start and end times.

Picker Packer Job Description

To write an effective food packer job description, begin by listing detailed duties, responsibilities and expectations. We have included food packer job description templates that you can modify and use. A packer is responsible for packing orders and preparing them for shipping. It includes verifying the order’s contents, packing products, and applying labels to shipments. Packers also ensure that all boxes, containers, and supplies used to pack products are in good condition. The U.S. Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts that demand for pickers and packers will increase 2 to 4 percent between now and 2016.

Picker Job Description

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They will be required to maintain a level of performance that meets or exceeds the requirement of the assigned department. Picking and Packing at a facility are both fast-paced jobs that require a few skills to be successful.

As we said, it can vary depending on the company that they are looking for as far as skills. So whether you are interested in being a general packer or a specific packer, make sure you list the skills that’s appropriate for the industry you are applying in. Here are a couple of jobs description examples that companies would use for a couple of positions. By knowing what the company is looking for, you can then decide if you are qualified to apply for the positions. The boxer profession generally makes a lower amount of money when compared to the average salary of packers.

For one, many of these machines are not equipped to notice product defects which can cause further issues down the line. A human can better spot a faulty part before even sending it to its next location.


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