Original price was: ₹48,000.00.Current price is: ₹29,880.00.

SF Optimus English Willow Cricket Bat Standard Size

Product Specifications

  • Grains : 8-12 Grains | Weight : 1180-1250 gm.
  • Willow : English Willow
  • Custom-made to ensure highest quality and performance.
  • The handle is made from premium, imported Saravak cane to deliver superior power and control.
  • Contoured edges.

Original price was: ₹48,000.00.Current price is: ₹29,880.00.

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SF Optimus English Willow Cricket Bat Standard Size PRICE: RS.29880

About the Bat:

SF Optimus English Willow Cricket Bat is top of the line English Willow Cricket Bat which is made from naturally air dried hand crafted English Willow. Its full shape very thick profile gives it to massive power for hit the big shots with lighter weight that makes it so special.

SF Optimus is made from Premium Grade 1 English Willow which will give extra power to the player for hit the big shot and powerful strokes. The willow has 8-12 grains & also the grain structure is very clear and straight.

Optimus English Willow Cricket Bat has very high spine measures 62(minimum) which generates large amount of power throughout the bat for power hitting.

Optimus is mid to low middle cricket bat which is come with the slight concaving that helps in the decreasing the weight of the bat and enlarge the sweet spot area and thickness of the edges.

This Cricket Bat is equipped with the round shape 12 piece Sarawak cane handle which provides terrific feel, flex, power and total jerk free performance.


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