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In exchange for the employee’s services, an payscompensationthat may be a salary or an hourly wage that’s at or above your state’s or the federally mandated minimum wage. A person or company that has people who do work for wages or a salary; a person or company that has employees It was the employer’s responsibility to improve workplace safety.


Kansas uss express employer reviews are required to report wages to the Department of Revenue and the Department of Labor for the purposes of withholding tax, unemployment tax, and workers compensation. If an employer intentionally classifies a worker as an independent contractor to avoid paying these taxes, there is help available now because of a new law that protects workers and taxpayers. Many employers offer employees a comprehensiveemployee benefits package, including health insurance and paid time off, holidays, and vacation. Understanding the minimum wage, overtime pay, recordkeeping, family and medical leave, and youth employment. The State of Kansas pays no workers compensation benefits to injured workers unless they are state employees.

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A person or business that employs one or more people for wages or salary. Stay up to speed on current health care developments impacting your business and your employees. When you choose UnitedHealthcare, you’ll get group benefit solutions designed to deliver more health care value for your business and your employees. If you suspect someone has committed unemployment fraud, such as using your employee’s information to fraudulently collect unemployment benefits, report it to KDOL at role and responsibilitiesEmployers of every size are required to collect premiums and submit reports to the state each quarter. Once the PEO appears as a registered PEO on the Kansas Insurance Commissioner’s website, you can then complete the Employer Status Report form (K-CNS 010) below for the PEO and send it to for processing.


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Employer Role And Responsibilities

The PEO-Client relationship is a contractual, co-employment agreement. Therefore, under Kansas law, both entities are liable for the unemployment tax obligations. This means that the PEO must establish an account for itself and an account for each client it has in the state. The PEO account is known as the “parent account” and each client account will be linked to the parent account. The employee leasing business shall keep separate records and submit separate quarterly unemployment tax and wage reports for each client. The unemployment tax rate of the PEO is shared by all of its clients. Thus, each client’s unemployment tax rate will be the same as the PEO parent.

  • Some employers mail or fax a W-4 with items 1, 2, 8 and 10 completed.
  • This is done through free safety and health consultations that help employers find potential hazards at their worksites.
  • Some employers use job offer letters to confirm the details of an employment relationship.
  • The division provides both educational and safety incentive programs to assist employers develop and continuously improve safety at their facilities.
  • An employee leasing business is liable for Kansas’s unemployment tax on wages paid by the business to individuals performing services for clients.

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