Heega Epic Edition Cricket Bat

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Heega Epic Edition falls in the category of Grade 2 English Willow Cricket Bats. It shows up for 6 to 8 straight grains and thick edges going well with the size of the bat chosen. These are engineered to maximise the size of the sweet spot, allowing the middle of the bat to spread further across the blade, thus giving wonderful off-center strikes. It can prove to be all game for your next Tournaments, Leagues and Clubs, handling heavy weight leather as well as rubber balls with superb drive. Heega designed the curved face of the Epic Edition bat in order to make it easier for batsmen to hit the ball farther with less effort. Semi oval toe for better stance and hence will help prevent damage to the bat. This bat comes in following sizes : 5, 6, Harrow, SH, LH with their length as follows (31.25, 32.75 , 33, 33.5, 34.25) inches respectively.  

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⦁Huge sweet spot that enables you to hit the ball at the right spot with a maximum swing.

⦁Made from imported finest quality Grade 2 English willow with 6 to 8 straight Grains seen on blade.

⦁With Treble Spring Singapore  3-piece cane handle having grip that provides flexibility and shock absorption .

⦁Lighter weight bat around 1100 gm  yet Sturdy and well-built , made of premium quality giving you perfect balance for unmatched stroke quality.

⦁Bat comes with a sleek, full length bat cover to protect your bat when not in use.

⦁The width of Harrow, SH, LH is 4.25 inches.

⦁Width of the bat for sizes 5 and 6 is 4 inches and 4.15 inches respectively.

⦁Customisation option available: Get your Name/Logo/ Signature engraved on the bat (Charges Extra)

Additional Information

Weight 2 kg
Dimensions 70 × 12 × 8 cm

5 | Bat Length 31.25", 6 | Bat Length 32.75", Harrow | Bat Length 33", LH | Bat Length 34.25", SH | Bat Length 33.5"


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