Heega Bird Control Anti Pigeon White Color Nylon net

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Heega discovered a better technique to solve the bird problem without harming them. It is made in such a way that it will solve the bird problem without injuring them. Our anti-bird net is made of high-quality nylon that will not be damaged by harmful UV rays. Waterproofing and resistance to bright sunlight are just a few of its features. This anti-bird net will not decay or disintegrate and will last a long time. Net is used for a variety of applications, including covering open balconies in flats and bungalows, as well as in gardens and agricultural fields. Each corner has built-in ropes that connect it to the others. It has a well-knotted mesh size ranging from 17 to 28 millimeters, a 1 mm twin thickness (15 ply) and a 4mm interlocking border.

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  • Anti bird web is weather resistant, providing it a longer life. 
  • Easy to install with inbuilt ropes connected in each corner that doesn’t tangle.
  • Made up of Premium Nylon material. 
  • Available in soothing white color. 
  • Mesh size : 17 millimeter to 28 millimeter.
  • Weight: 260 gm to 1100 gm.
  • Twin thickness of one millimeter (15 ply) for higher strength.
  • Interlocked border of 4mm.
  • Available sizes : ( 6ft x 8ft ) ( 6ft x 10ft ) ( 8ft x 10ft ) ( 8ft x 12ft ) ( 10ft x 15ft ) ( 10ft x 20ft).

Additional Information

Weight 0.2 kg
Dimensions 15 × 10 × 8 cm

10×15 foot/150 sq. ft, 820g, 20×10 foot, 200 sq. ft, 1100g, 6×10 foot/60 sq. ft, 320g, 6×8 foot/48 sq. ft, 260g, 8×10 foot/80 sq. ft, 570g, 8×12 foot/150 sq. ft, 580


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